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Sunday, 4 June 2017

London: June 3rd 2017 Attacks

London: June 3 Attacks

This 3rd UK attack, in as many months by Islamist terrorists, will prove a tipping point I believe, the people have had enough.

Soon we will be rid of the EU & all its restrictions on our ability to control our own laws and actions.
This is but another setback for the progressive socialists, typified by their leader Corbyn — their continual support of our enemies over many years will / is coming back to haunt them.

How many times has Corbyn been forced to deny his support for terrorism in the Middle East and Ireland? Despite incontrovertible evidence in print & on the media he did just that.

Govt will be forced to take action and May’s proposal today that she believe’s restricting internet freedom is the way forward is laughable — People want far more direct action and they want it quickly.

Can we really pretend that less freedom on the internet would have stopped last night’s attack?

This time next week we will probably have a new Tory Govt with a weakened PM, we must all demand through our MP’s and social media that strong actions are announced and implemented

No Internet restrictions on our people must be countenanced

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