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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Political Parties Running Scared of Immigration Debate

All the parties are running scared, and that includes UKIP, who seem to be slowly going down the road of increasing the rhetoric against immigrants, sadly LibLabCon are following in their wake.

Its not about immigration in reality, which is good for the UK, its about the Welfare and benefits we offer which inevitably attract those that would not otherwise come to these shores, it is these people who are milking our system and giving immigration a bad name.

We need the immigrants that work, create businesses and as proven contribute greatly to our economy, they raise their families and in the next 30/40 years we will not have the demographic problems of Germany & Japan. This will ensure the future pensions and standards of living of our children and grandchildren.

We must reject the xenophobia of both left and right and follow the instincts of the great British public, which is broadly comfortable with immigration, but this tolerance will come under severe strain if the 3 main parties do not take a stand and discuss the real issue - Welfare & Benefits.

It is yet another signal that we must have a referendum on the EU, hopefully a vote to take back our sovereignty, so that the issues of Immigration, welfare & benefits can be fully addressed.

Regrettably Labour & Libdems are not willing to grant this to the British public, as we saw in the Lords this week, they do not believe we are equipped to make this decision. However once the Euro elections are out of the way I expect Labour will do a U turn and agree to offer a Referendum.

Whether Labour change their position or not on a Referendum I believe the Tories will do a deal with ukip to give themselves a chance of winning GE2015, probably by giving them a free run at 20 seats

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Why We Shouldn't Vote in the Euro Elections 2014

I know, if you don't vote your opting out, your abrogating your responsibilities and are in no position to complain when things go wrong.

But since when did our votes make any difference? Particularly in the EU?

Many voters in many of the countries in the EU have made it clear they are dissatisfied, they want change, their democracy back, and Brussels takes no notice.

The EU Bureaucrats have an agenda, they want to form a single country, the United States of Europe, even though it is clear a majority of its citizens do not want this.

Our democracy is increasingly being eroded, our national sovereignty de-based, it's no less than an invasion of our country and we are complicit by endorsing it with our votes.

Sure, we have the occasional theatre in Brussels over the years, Dan Hannan or Nigel Farage lambasting Van Rompuy or some outrageous policy, and we achieve precisely nothing.

Our MEP's who wish to exit Europe are in fact legitimising the EU by standing as our MEP's and taking the Brussels shilling.

The only way anti Europe politicians can extricate us from Europe is to seek representation in Westminster, it is only Westminster that can take steps to take us out of this corrupt political construct they call the EU.

To vote for this bureaucratic and undemocratic edifice is to endorse it, we must refuse to endorse such an organisation by denying them our vote. #WontVote

This May 2014 let's express ourselves in a way they won't fail to notice, refuse to endorse and legitimise such a corrupt organisation with our vote.