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Friday, 27 December 2013

Revolution -The Way To End Our Corrupt Party Politics

Yes, I know we Brits don't do revolution, but there is more to revolution than taking to the streets - Taking on the State on the Streets plays into their hands, they are the only winners when law & order breaks down, it blurs the issues & enables the State to end it by force.

Our politics stinks, it's controlled by the two political parties who have taken away the freedom & independence of the electorate by cynically having total control of our MP's.

We need real open primaries, where constituents choose the candidates for MP, & those candidates when elected are answerable & recallable by their constituents, answerable only to the people not the political tribes.

We need to reduce dramatically the number of MP's representing us, with modern communications we simply don't need 650 MP's

This would not end the party system but would dramatically diminish their power, the MP's loyalty would be to his/her constituents, and the party would come second, no whips needed thank you. Vote as your constituents demand or else.

The problem is how do we get there? Turkeys' don't vote for Xmas, and however much they pretend to consider changing the system, they only tinker and never ever give up their ultimate power over our Representatives.

So we are stuck, they won't move and we don't know how to move them, they keep bribing us with more and more welfare, we keep increasing our national debt, the situation goes from bad to worse inexorably.

The percentage of people voting has dropped from 80%+ to 60%+, the number of people not registering to vote is also increasing, resulting in the ruling party having a very small % of all registered voters supporting them.

We need to consider a new category of voter, we don't need to respond to their entreaties to vote, to endorse a corrupt & flawed democratic system, we need a 'Won't Vote' (#WontVote) category, organised with a set of demands to fix our democracy before we do vote.

Those demands I would suggest should include the following:
1/ Open Primaries
2/ 300 to 400 only MP's
3/ Granting Patronage & Honours taken away from govt
4/ Government devolved to the regions with large tax raising powers
5/ End of grants & tax favours to business, it only benefits the corporates

We should not attempt to politicise this by demanding low taxes / high taxes, nationalisation / privatisation, this should be left to the people in their devolved UK, a federation if you like, who are free to raise & reduce taxes as they see fit for their constituents.

This approach I believe, if presented clearly to the electorate, would prove to be very attractive to them. The goal of course must be to have over 50% of registered voters joining a #WontVote campaign and so destroying the credibility of any elected government.

The response I find from some people to this proposal is any elected government of  say 20% / 25% of registered voters would simply take power and govern.

I don't accept that would be sustainable for a moment, not when a #WontVote campaign has been seen to succeed in its declared aim. It would destroy the credibility, not only of the government but of the whole rotten system, and our political elites would be forced to take on the demands being made.

Social media is a very powerful tool, it is changing our politics and our society, used intelligently it can achieve much for the people, we should take it into our hands and demand change in the General Election 2015.

We should not endorse a rotten system with our vote, we should organise a #WontVote, so challenging the Political Classes & over turning a system rotten to the core