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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The UK & Ireland Resolving N.Ireland

The UK & Ireland Resolving Northern Ireland

The 1998 Northern Ireland Peace Agreement has at best been fragile and over the last few years is beginning to unravel, with the latest issue over the Union Jack fully exposing the Protestant distrust of the Peace Agreement and the huge divide between the two communities..

This agreement cobbled together by the Political elites attempting to appease all sides, and in collusion with the Clinton Administration, never addressed the real issues. Namely the sectarian divide, which has been accommodated rather than resolved, and the increasing Catholic population in Northern Ireland which will force the end of partition in time.

The only way forward is for the British and Irish governments to recognise the only real solution for the province and its people is the end of partition, and by addressing it now will allow a political settlement that will enable the Province to plan for the future of its people.

This is a difficult time to address these issues, primarily because both the Irish and British economies are bankrupt, which ironically will mean the politicians will not be able to fudge any political settlement as they simply won’t have the money to bribe the two sides. The taxpayer in both Ireland and the UK  have simply run out of money for the foreseeable future.

The failure of the UK and Irish governments to address the N.Ireland issue will be tantamount to criminal neglect to the people of UK,Ireland and Northern Ireland, as the result of failing to do so will be another terrorist war with a much greater danger of it engulfing Ireland and mainland UK  cities next time.

Understandably there is still a great distrust of British Governments in Ireland, partly history and partly because we are a much larger and more powerful country. However our own UK is under threat, we have the Scots seeking Independence, the Welsh devolved, many of  the Regions of the UK feel alienated from the Political Centre in London and the South East.

There has been much talk of devolving power in the UK  but precious little action to carry it forward, but people want control of their lives, and they do not have it when all the levers of power are centralised in London. It is clear, whether Scotland achieves Independence or not, probably not, there is a real discord in our Country that needs addressing.

The UK and Irish governments should be discussing a single Federal state, where the regions of the Single state have the power to run their own affairs, including fiscal control. All Federal States would be represented by a small central government.

When the people of Northern Ireland can see that the two countries. Ireland and the UK are serious about a single state then it will change the whole dynamic in Northern Ireland.
Northern Ireland with its population of 1.8 Million will not be able to hold the two governments to ransom, they will be part of the process of forming a single state but that is all.

There would be many advantages for both Countries, it would offer Ireland an alternative to the Euro, it would free up our economies, and drive forward our industry and employment. It would of course require strong safeguards with such a large population in England compared to Ireland, Wales & Scotland but when you give power to the regions this would dissipate the power of England as a whole to the advantage of its regions. Alliances may change?

Many will point to the fact that we are a monarchy, and understandably the Irish would not wish to accept a Monarchy, but this is not a real issue if you have a loose federation with real power held by each state of the Federation. 

It would be a nonsense to allow the monarchy to stand in the way, both monarchists and republicans could be accommodated.

The cultures of Ireland and the UK are broadly the same, we have a lot in common, particularly now that the power of the churches has diminished with their falling memberships.
We have a great opportunity to change for the better and  if we harness our talents together we will give our children the opportunity of a future unclouded by internecine strife.

I believe now is the time to grasp the nettle on this issue, to start the debate, and to look at the possibilities for all our people in this time of huge change, not only change in Europe but around the World.


  1. The enormous elephant is the EU - it governs Ireland and, were our politicians more honest, it governs the UK too.

    England is a tinder-box set for an uprising, hence the precautionary placement of surveillance techniques in our towns and cities.

    One day, Northern Ireland may be subsumed into the Scottish Region of the EU. We are just lines on a map.

  2. You little Englanders inhabit a very strange world. Do you really think your average person gives a flying fuck about the EU? No. All they want is a decent standard of living. Maslow has more sway that the EU in people's lives!