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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Our Corrupt Party Political system corrupts us all

The nonsense of our adversarial politics,trapping us all in the politics of our parents or our youth, encouraging the tribalism and class system that we still suffer from in this country,has left us with a truly corrupt political system that is destroying our country both economically and socially.

Many voters feel the need to protect and defend 'their'party through thick and thin, despite the fact in many instances they may really have a different view on some of the issues their party may be promoting. A prime example of this was when Maggie Thatcher allowed council house tenants to buy their council houses at a discount. A measure strongly supported by council house tenants despite the fact the large majority would have called themselves labour supporters.

Politics has moved on from the 'left' and 'right' politics of the last century, despite the main political parties encouraging their so called 'philosophy', in a vain attempt to keep their crony party political system on the road. The party political system is corrupting our politics and cohesion as a people with its corporate and union lobbying; the demands for taxpayer funding to finance political parties and the buying of votes and favours by courting large corporations and unions et al is there to perpetuate a rotten system.

The average voter in this country has a lot more in common than the party system would have us believe, we have an inordinately smart electorate in this country who agree on sound common sense policies. This is constantly attacked and warped by the political parties in an attempt to justify their existence for their own self serving ends.

We need to break free from this corrupt party political system, the voter should have far more power over the decisions and actions of government, the disappointment is that so few MP's are willing to pursue this end for their constituents, perhaps this is an indication of the quality of MP the current system has thrown up.

The way to break free is not to bring in legislation for party funding, to concern ourselves on who and how much is being given to the political parties, to concern ourselves with lobbying, it is to shift the power from the 'Parties' to the MP through making them accountable to the voter. This will bring to an end most of this corrupt nonsense.

We need open primaries and we need a lot less MP's, only when we are willing to tackle the desperately sick politics we have in this country will we be able to tackle the huge demands that are facing us both socially, politically and economically.


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