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Saturday, 17 September 2011

The UK Crisis in our Politics & the Economy. 

The Political Crisis 

The political crisis in the UK is self evident, voter turn out reduces at each election,due to the lack of  respect for our politicians. All 3 parties are seen as supporting vested interests & corporatism  which the average voter views with contempt.
The membership levels of political parties continues to fall to pitiful levels because of the perception there is little difference between the parties and they are seen as self serving at best.
Until we resolve our political problems we are going to continue with the same political establishment pursuing the same unsuccessful policies whichever party we have in power.

Radical changes are needed to our political structures to bring our politics into the 21st Century allowing them to be truly representative of the voters. I would propose some changes that could go some way to bringing this about
1/ Open primaries in every constituency for all candidates, elected MP's must be able to be called to account by their constituents.
2/ The current number of MP's is far too high in this age of fast communications and we should look at the possibility of the number of MP's being reduced to around 300.
3/ Once Open primaries and a reduction in the number of MP's is agreed  the system must ensure the MP has independence from the political parties and the MP can be called to account by their constituents.

The Economic Crisis

We have a population of 60 million rising to around 70 million over the next 30 to 50 years. We must re-establish our manufacturing base, creating a tax system that allows vital and competitive industries to establish and expand in the UK. I would propose some basic economic changes that could help to bring this about.

1/ All state assets to be sold with politicians ensuring the correct legal framework for privatisation of institutions such as the NHS and the BBC.
2/ International aid should be restricted to disasters only, all other aid being voluntary only.
3/  We should lift all agricultural tariffs on 3rd World countries
4/ Grants & aid to industry,charities, arts, quango's et al should cease. This action would take out all those vested interests who seek favour from our politicians and vice versa at the expense of the voter. This should  bring an end to corporatism and other vested interests.
5/ The welfare state & benefits system should be largely dismantled with a safety net for those who are not able to help themselves.
6/ Fuel duty and road tax should be combined.
7/Introduce a Flat tax with the aim of taking working people earning less than £15,000 p.a. out of tax completely. This would enable a single tax rate for all other taxpayers so simplifying the system and encouraging saving and personal accountability. It would eliminate the need for the huge industry in the legal and accountancy professions trying to minimise tax for corporations and individuals.
8/ The Flat tax rate should aim initially to be around the 20% to 25% level
9/ Reduce corporation tax to levels that will attract Companies to our shores as they have done in Ireland

The UK & the EU

The UK membership of the EU is central to this debate, however it is difficult taking a  view on our relationship with the EU over the next 10 years, with the current Eurozone crisis likely to end up with defaults and the end of the Eurozone as we know it.
Once the Eurozone is either drastically changed or failed we will have a different dynamic in the EU, the ambition for political and fiscal convergence may well be replaced by Sovereign states working together in an EU which is largely a trading bloc with common standards
However the voter cannot be expected to wait any longer for the promise of a Referendum on the EU by the 3 main parties and this should proceed forthwith.

A political party who adopted these policies would I believe be seen by the electorate as genuinely wanting to fix the system and would attract strong support particularly as we have such a vacuum in our current politics

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