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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Petition for an EU Referendum ( in or out)

The Eurosceptic MP’s within the Tory party have been working very hard for many years, supported by organisations such as the Adam Smith Institute, Better off Out et al, to reverse the control of the EU over this country. We even have a political party,UKIP, who have been successful in having MEP’s for the European Parliament and with Nigel Farage as their spokesman have probably done more than any other group for the cause.

We have to be honest and accept that to date we are losing the fight, our new government has now belatedly declared that they wish to stay in the EU. Many of us who voted Tory believed they would give us a referendum, or at least reverse some of the control that is exerted by Brussels. The reality is ‘No’ to a referendum and Brussels continuing to increase it’s control over our country.

The danger facing the UK is that if we go into the next election without a referendum on the EU we will find ourselves facing a complete loss of sovereignty and with no way back. The electorate will tire of eurosceptic’s who talk the talk but achieve nothing and will simply accept that the UK is now part of the EU.

We now have a once only opportunity before the next election, which must not be squandered, to petition parliament for a Referendum on the EU (in or out).

We need leadership from one organisation/political party to take the lead and coordinate all the organisations, pressure groups et al so that a ‘coalition’ can be formed to campaign for a Referendum with a target of a minimum of 2 million votes in support. I would suggest / propose that organisation should be UKIP.

The support of 2 million would give huge momentum to the campaign, would force the 3 political parties to take us very seriously, and would increase the chances of a bill for a referendum being successful.


  1. So you're a libertarian eurosceptic conservative and you think UKIP is the best party to get us out of the EU but you're still supporting the authoritarian europhile anti-capitalist Tories?

  2. I am not a Tory, nor do I think UKIP is the best party to get us out of the EU, but they are currently the largest and most active party campaigning for a Referendum(only one) and therefore should be in the best position to coordinate all other pressure groups under one banner.
    I am not a member of UKIP either by the way.

  3. I've signed up! Not a Tory hey!

  4. No, resigned around 2 months ago!! But I have signed up!!