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Monday, 30 May 2011

Mid East & N.Africa

The UK has no business in trying to determine events in N.Africa, our influence and our ability to operate on a military basis are severely hampered by our financial position.

We are asking the electorate to take sacrifices on their standard of living but at the same time we are operating as if we were a wealthy country by indulging ourselves in other Countries affairs, ie. Libya.

We must pull back our military operations from Afghanistan and Libya and use them only in our own national interest, ie defence of the realm.

We must desist from international aid, with the exception of 'disaster aid', and put the savings into paying down our debt whilst we expect our citizens to make financial sacrifices.

We must support action in the UN to resolve conflicts but it must be clear that we are no longer able to contribute militarily, we can only support the UN resolutions that we believe will help resolve conflicts but not offer our military to carry out any military action .

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