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Sunday, 4 June 2017

London: June 3rd 2017 Attacks

London: June 3 Attacks

This 3rd UK attack, in as many months by Islamist terrorists, will prove a tipping point I believe, the people have had enough.

Soon we will be rid of the EU & all its restrictions on our ability to control our own laws and actions.
This is but another setback for the progressive socialists, typified by their leader Corbyn — their continual support of our enemies over many years will / is coming back to haunt them.

How many times has Corbyn been forced to deny his support for terrorism in the Middle East and Ireland? Despite incontrovertible evidence in print & on the media he did just that.

Govt will be forced to take action and May’s proposal today that she believe’s restricting internet freedom is the way forward is laughable — People want far more direct action and they want it quickly.

Can we really pretend that less freedom on the internet would have stopped last night’s attack?

This time next week we will probably have a new Tory Govt with a weakened PM, we must all demand through our MP’s and social media that strong actions are announced and implemented

No Internet restrictions on our people must be countenanced

Saturday, 29 August 2015

We Need A New Democracy - Not A New Voting System

The General Election of 2015 has produced once again a governing party and an opposition who control our MP's through a tribal party system. These tribal parties disenfranchise our MP's and control them through a pernicious whipping system that takes away their freedom to vote and denies them the freedom to truly represent their constituents.

There are those, many with a vested interest, who are still demanding a change to our voting system from the current First Past The Post (FPTP) to a Proportional Representation System (PR), or its sister system Mixed Member Proportional (MMR), as they use in Germany & New Zealand. This despite the fact that the electorate voted against a proposed change in a 2011 Referendum.

Any change away from FPTP to PR will leave the voters with the same broken system that we currently have and do nothing to improve our democracy, we will still be left with a tribal party politics that usurps our democracy and controls our MP's.

So we need to think this through carefully, before we look to change a voting system we need to fix/change a party political system that completely undermines our democracy and the will of the electorate.

The way forward has to be to diminish the power / control of the political parties and give to voters the choice and selection of our MP's.
  • Open primaries to select our candidates for election as MP's
  • MP's who are fully accountable to their constituents
  • A Recall system with the power of dismissing an MP & calling a by-election
The rules of recall must not be so restrictive they are rendered meaningless or so loose as to be unfair to a sitting MP.

Such a system, where the power lies with the voter through their MP, will lead to less tribal politics, less left and right, and allow our representatives to speak and vote as their conscience demands.So representing fully the views of their constituents without being forced to follow the party line. 

It would be an MP driven House of Commons where it would not be unusual or unacceptable to vote with one's conscience or the party opposite and the whips would become a shadow of their former selves.

The executive of the political parties would have to persuade not coerce, a genuine democracy would rule, party politics could flourish by representing the people and serious policy errors like the Iraq War would be far less likely to occur.

Under such a system politics could become honest, the electorate would be part of the democracy and we would have a politics that engaged and truly represented the people.


Saturday, 11 January 2014

Political Parties Running Scared of Immigration Debate

All the parties are running scared, and that includes UKIP, who seem to be slowly going down the road of increasing the rhetoric against immigrants, sadly LibLabCon are following in their wake.

Its not about immigration in reality, which is good for the UK, its about the Welfare and benefits we offer which inevitably attract those that would not otherwise come to these shores, it is these people who are milking our system and giving immigration a bad name.

We need the immigrants that work, create businesses and as proven contribute greatly to our economy, they raise their families and in the next 30/40 years we will not have the demographic problems of Germany & Japan. This will ensure the future pensions and standards of living of our children and grandchildren.

We must reject the xenophobia of both left and right and follow the instincts of the great British public, which is broadly comfortable with immigration, but this tolerance will come under severe strain if the 3 main parties do not take a stand and discuss the real issue - Welfare & Benefits.

It is yet another signal that we must have a referendum on the EU, hopefully a vote to take back our sovereignty, so that the issues of Immigration, welfare & benefits can be fully addressed.

Regrettably Labour & Libdems are not willing to grant this to the British public, as we saw in the Lords this week, they do not believe we are equipped to make this decision. However once the Euro elections are out of the way I expect Labour will do a U turn and agree to offer a Referendum.

Whether Labour change their position or not on a Referendum I believe the Tories will do a deal with ukip to give themselves a chance of winning GE2015, probably by giving them a free run at 20 seats

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Why We Shouldn't Vote in the Euro Elections 2014

I know, if you don't vote your opting out, your abrogating your responsibilities and are in no position to complain when things go wrong.

But since when did our votes make any difference? Particularly in the EU?

Many voters in many of the countries in the EU have made it clear they are dissatisfied, they want change, their democracy back, and Brussels takes no notice.

The EU Bureaucrats have an agenda, they want to form a single country, the United States of Europe, even though it is clear a majority of its citizens do not want this.

Our democracy is increasingly being eroded, our national sovereignty de-based, it's no less than an invasion of our country and we are complicit by endorsing it with our votes.

Sure, we have the occasional theatre in Brussels over the years, Dan Hannan or Nigel Farage lambasting Van Rompuy or some outrageous policy, and we achieve precisely nothing.

Our MEP's who wish to exit Europe are in fact legitimising the EU by standing as our MEP's and taking the Brussels shilling.

The only way anti Europe politicians can extricate us from Europe is to seek representation in Westminster, it is only Westminster that can take steps to take us out of this corrupt political construct they call the EU.

To vote for this bureaucratic and undemocratic edifice is to endorse it, we must refuse to endorse such an organisation by denying them our vote. #WontVote

This May 2014 let's express ourselves in a way they won't fail to notice, refuse to endorse and legitimise such a corrupt organisation with our vote.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Revolution -The Way To End Our Corrupt Party Politics

Yes, I know we Brits don't do revolution, but there is more to revolution than taking to the streets - Taking on the State on the Streets plays into their hands, they are the only winners when law & order breaks down, it blurs the issues & enables the State to end it by force.

Our politics stinks, it's controlled by the two political parties who have taken away the freedom & independence of the electorate by cynically having total control of our MP's.

We need real open primaries, where constituents choose the candidates for MP, & those candidates when elected are answerable & recallable by their constituents, answerable only to the people not the political tribes.

We need to reduce dramatically the number of MP's representing us, with modern communications we simply don't need 650 MP's

This would not end the party system but would dramatically diminish their power, the MP's loyalty would be to his/her constituents, and the party would come second, no whips needed thank you. Vote as your constituents demand or else.

The problem is how do we get there? Turkeys' don't vote for Xmas, and however much they pretend to consider changing the system, they only tinker and never ever give up their ultimate power over our Representatives.

So we are stuck, they won't move and we don't know how to move them, they keep bribing us with more and more welfare, we keep increasing our national debt, the situation goes from bad to worse inexorably.

The percentage of people voting has dropped from 80%+ to 60%+, the number of people not registering to vote is also increasing, resulting in the ruling party having a very small % of all registered voters supporting them.

We need to consider a new category of voter, we don't need to respond to their entreaties to vote, to endorse a corrupt & flawed democratic system, we need a 'Won't Vote' (#WontVote) category, organised with a set of demands to fix our democracy before we do vote.

Those demands I would suggest should include the following:
1/ Open Primaries
2/ 300 to 400 only MP's
3/ Granting Patronage & Honours taken away from govt
4/ Government devolved to the regions with large tax raising powers
5/ End of grants & tax favours to business, it only benefits the corporates

We should not attempt to politicise this by demanding low taxes / high taxes, nationalisation / privatisation, this should be left to the people in their devolved UK, a federation if you like, who are free to raise & reduce taxes as they see fit for their constituents.

This approach I believe, if presented clearly to the electorate, would prove to be very attractive to them. The goal of course must be to have over 50% of registered voters joining a #WontVote campaign and so destroying the credibility of any elected government.

The response I find from some people to this proposal is any elected government of  say 20% / 25% of registered voters would simply take power and govern.

I don't accept that would be sustainable for a moment, not when a #WontVote campaign has been seen to succeed in its declared aim. It would destroy the credibility, not only of the government but of the whole rotten system, and our political elites would be forced to take on the demands being made.

Social media is a very powerful tool, it is changing our politics and our society, used intelligently it can achieve much for the people, we should take it into our hands and demand change in the General Election 2015.

We should not endorse a rotten system with our vote, we should organise a #WontVote, so challenging the Political Classes & over turning a system rotten to the core

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The UK & Ireland Resolving N.Ireland

The UK & Ireland Resolving Northern Ireland

The 1998 Northern Ireland Peace Agreement has at best been fragile and over the last few years is beginning to unravel, with the latest issue over the Union Jack fully exposing the Protestant distrust of the Peace Agreement and the huge divide between the two communities..

This agreement cobbled together by the Political elites attempting to appease all sides, and in collusion with the Clinton Administration, never addressed the real issues. Namely the sectarian divide, which has been accommodated rather than resolved, and the increasing Catholic population in Northern Ireland which will force the end of partition in time.

The only way forward is for the British and Irish governments to recognise the only real solution for the province and its people is the end of partition, and by addressing it now will allow a political settlement that will enable the Province to plan for the future of its people.

This is a difficult time to address these issues, primarily because both the Irish and British economies are bankrupt, which ironically will mean the politicians will not be able to fudge any political settlement as they simply won’t have the money to bribe the two sides. The taxpayer in both Ireland and the UK  have simply run out of money for the foreseeable future.

The failure of the UK and Irish governments to address the N.Ireland issue will be tantamount to criminal neglect to the people of UK,Ireland and Northern Ireland, as the result of failing to do so will be another terrorist war with a much greater danger of it engulfing Ireland and mainland UK  cities next time.

Understandably there is still a great distrust of British Governments in Ireland, partly history and partly because we are a much larger and more powerful country. However our own UK is under threat, we have the Scots seeking Independence, the Welsh devolved, many of  the Regions of the UK feel alienated from the Political Centre in London and the South East.

There has been much talk of devolving power in the UK  but precious little action to carry it forward, but people want control of their lives, and they do not have it when all the levers of power are centralised in London. It is clear, whether Scotland achieves Independence or not, probably not, there is a real discord in our Country that needs addressing.

The UK and Irish governments should be discussing a single Federal state, where the regions of the Single state have the power to run their own affairs, including fiscal control. All Federal States would be represented by a small central government.

When the people of Northern Ireland can see that the two countries. Ireland and the UK are serious about a single state then it will change the whole dynamic in Northern Ireland.
Northern Ireland with its population of 1.8 Million will not be able to hold the two governments to ransom, they will be part of the process of forming a single state but that is all.

There would be many advantages for both Countries, it would offer Ireland an alternative to the Euro, it would free up our economies, and drive forward our industry and employment. It would of course require strong safeguards with such a large population in England compared to Ireland, Wales & Scotland but when you give power to the regions this would dissipate the power of England as a whole to the advantage of its regions. Alliances may change?

Many will point to the fact that we are a monarchy, and understandably the Irish would not wish to accept a Monarchy, but this is not a real issue if you have a loose federation with real power held by each state of the Federation. 

It would be a nonsense to allow the monarchy to stand in the way, both monarchists and republicans could be accommodated.

The cultures of Ireland and the UK are broadly the same, we have a lot in common, particularly now that the power of the churches has diminished with their falling memberships.
We have a great opportunity to change for the better and  if we harness our talents together we will give our children the opportunity of a future unclouded by internecine strife.

I believe now is the time to grasp the nettle on this issue, to start the debate, and to look at the possibilities for all our people in this time of huge change, not only change in Europe but around the World.

Monday, 1 October 2012

A New Politics to end Tribal Politics

I have been banging on about tribal politics for some time, proclaiming the way forward to be open primaries using the 2009 Totnes open primary as a template.

I believe the open primary route could provide us with a way to diminish the power of the political parties that have stolen our democracy. However there may be other ways and I would be interested to hear from anyone who has ideas on other alternative ways forward

The problem with our current tribal politics is that it brings down the debate to the yah boo level, people are so busy defending their tribe they fail to consider the logic of the argument for change.

However many people have difficulty in seeing the advantages of the  political parties power diminished, they think it would cause chaos and that you cannot do without a party system.

Of course you cannot eliminate the party system, we are tribal after all and we like to be part of a team, but you can diminish their power.
Currently we select a candidate for MP either as directed from Party HQ or by the constituency party, we as the voters have no say in this so it is not surprising that party memberships have dropped dramatically, the Tories for example from 3 million in 1950 to 170,000 in 2012. This is unsustainable in a democratic country.

It cannot be right that our MP's enter parliament having being given a mandate by the voters to represent us, only to be promptly taken over by the party machine and told which way they must vote, despite their constituents.

This results in any party with a majority pushing through legislation without proper debate and with which a majority of the electorate may disagree. In poll after poll you find the electorate often support measures which their party does not, the electorate are a lot smarter than they are given credit for, they have common sense.

Imagine a House of Commons with MP's who are directly accountable to their electorate, meaning they can be recalled by their constituents and if needs be sacked for not representing their manifesto commitment. This would also preclude them from signing up to the party manifesto as a whole if they disagreed with some aspects, a further curb on the parties issuing manifesto's they have no intention of honouring. (Referendums!)

This would lead to a House of Commons with independently minded
MP's, who although being a member of a political party, need have no hesitation in voting against their party if they believed by doing so they would be representing the views of their constituents.

This would lead to the Political Parties having to convince ALL MP's of the logic of their proposed legislation, it would mean that the government could be voted down regularly if they were not listening.

I can already hear you saying this could cause chaos with governments continually resigning, but I don't believe this would happen, if you can't convince the MP's of the validity of your legislation then you have to drop it. In the event of a government's legislation continually being defeated, then yes they would have to resign, but that would be no bad thing.

We would end up with a mature thinking House of Commons with MP's  primary concern being their constituents, and if needs be voting accordingly, even if it meant voting for the other parties, and without a threat to their future as MP's within the party.

The Political Parties  would have to compete for the votes of all MP's, without the aid of whips, so becoming the servant of the MP's and not the master, and through them the electorate.